Karibu!  Welcome.
Our Sincere Mission...

... is to bring knowledge, especially to children who are less fortunate. The Ngochoni Petals of Africa School was built to educate students in a sound environment that maintains high moral and academic standards.

"The school has brought peace
in a community which knew peace not."

Jared Ogega, Board Member and Land Donor
of the Ngochoni Petals of Africa School

"Dear Friend,

Remember; One person can compose a song, but two or more can sing it best. Ngochoni Petals of Africa School for the last 9 years of its existance; has brought much healing between the two communities that were filled with discord - hence appealing to all well-wishers to be partakers now and after to enable its dreams be realized. For light to shine in darkness. Feel most welcome!"
— Evans Onyango Maiga, Chairman of the Board

We are located 450 kilometers (approx. 8 hours) west of the capital city Nairobi, Kenya, E. Africa, in a rural area. This area is needy of educational facilities. The main objective for the school is to provide a well rounded education to Kenyan youth based on excellent academic programs, teaching staff and facilities. We also wish to support the orphaned children who are less fortunate members of community.
  • Class of 2013:  2nd* in Division (out of 59 schools);

    * The Petals students achieved +10.33 mean over previous year; 25 of the 59 schools produced a +plus mean.
    * The all-time top student scored 380 (out of 500) on KCPE.

  • Class of 2012:  1st in Division;
                             6th in Country Zone
                             18th in Migori District
  • Class of 2011:  1st in Division;
                             5th in Migori District
  • Class of 2010:  1st in Division (out of 52 schools);
                             10th in Migori District (out of 167 schools)
  • Class of 2009:  1st in Division;
                             1st in Migori District
  • Accredited by Kenya Ministry of Education
  • Administrators and Board Members accessible
  • Dedicated Teaching Staff
  • Established January 2001, currently K- 8th Grade
  • Private school with religious studies - Christian Science
  • Inter-tribal community cooperation and support
  • International teacher volunteer programs available

Ngochoni Petals of Africa School received 4 trophies for outstanding performance in 2009 Kenya Certificate of Primary and Secondary Education during the July 2010 District Education Day in Migori.  The students were #1 Overall in the District, #1 in Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, #3 in Kiswahili and #4 in English.

Karibu Sana! – Very Much Welcome