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2014 School Campus: 
  • Nursery - Grade 8
  • Day & Boarding Students
Student Enrollment:  172 students
Teaching Staff:  12
Administrators:  1
National Language:  Kiswahili
Secondary Language:  English
Local Language:  Tribal
Proposed Growth:  To add one (1) class each year,
Grade 9 - 12 remains 

Vision:  Expand to four-year college and/or vocational training

An excerpt from our school theme song:

Welcome to Petals - Karibu
We welcome you to Petals
feel free and enjoy yourself
We welcome you at Petals
school of peace love and integrity

"My education at Petals has been very interesting as our teachers have been very friendly to all of us. I just wished there was Petals of Africa Secondary School!"
Mourice Otieno Ochieng – Grade 8

"My education at Petals has been enjoyable and fun. Life here has taught me about God as being love. Loving me and us all."
Alphonce Odhiambo Baraza - Grade 8

"My education at Petals has taught me to handle my problems through prayers. And I have seen it works for me."
Joan Adhiambo Ochieng – Grade 8

"We feel that this school is so extraordinary because it is built on the foundation of peace, love, and integrity and each student there is living proof of its effectiveness."
Rachel Nishikawa – Jr., Student Volunteer, USA

Melody Colliatie and Rachel Nishikawa with a Petals student

"We spent the night at the school with the boarders to experience how they live day by day. The children very strongly discipline themselves to learn."
Melody Colliatie – Jr., The Principia Upper School, USA

Background Information

Ngochoni Petals of Africa School brings together the tribes of Luo and Kuria and welcomes all. 

These tribes fought with hatred as recently as the 1980's, often killing each other's cattle or burning down each other's houses.  Now members of each tribe work together in different positions at the school. 

Combined are the problems of the school's limited income, its location away from electrical power sources and public services, and the lack of a road system that have kept Petals at a limited level of progress. 

Update January 2010 — Solar power (Phase I) installed in Mar 09 has enhanced study time for students and preparation time for teachers. It is also supporting the overall security of the campus.

The construction is completed on the community bridge.  The government funded this project which began in Mar 2009.  It will increase productivity and response to the area through the ongoing accessibility it brings to the villages and its peoples. For over 40 years, when the river rises, these communities became isolated from public services and access to their needs.

Youth-inspired, youth-led, youth-blessed.

Historical Summary

In 1997, we were an active Youth Outreach Group (CSYOG) of Nairobi, Kenya and we volunteered at Shangilia Children's Home in Nairobi (a safe refuge for street children). The CSYOG held metaphysical meetings every two weeks and there was free literature distribution. It is during this time that one youth wondered what it could be to start a school. The need for education has always been great in our country and some areas more than others. As a group we talked and agreed this would be wonderful to have a Christian Science based school in Kenya. Our colleague Edward mentioned a piece of land around his hometown; unfortunately, it was very small. At this point Teresa spoke with her parents knowing they had land (263 miles or 450 kilometers from the capital city of Nairobi); Jared and Helen (parents) both welcomed this idea. CSYOG received this idea about this new provision and welcomed it. A few members of the Youth Group visited the proposed site and all saw what need there was for a school and this was our drive to put up a school in Ngochoni. One friend Regina suggested the name Petals for the school and that's how the school came to be known as Ngochoni Petals of Africa School.